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Crystal B's New Astrology Book Feed Your Moon

Find out why Astrology makes sense when everything else doesn't.
Feed Your Moon helps you embrace and honor your authentic self, understand your evolving needs, gain perspective on mystifying events in your life, and learn to use planetary influences to your advantage.

There is MORE to your story and this new ground breaking astrology book explains WHY. After a life time of working with real people, their stories, struggles and triumphs, second generation astrologer and author Crystal B. brings to light the laws of the universe in connection to our moon signs and evolving phases, while delivering the truths of the not commonly discussed Progressed Moon. 

This new book of self discovery has been written for both beginners and astrology junkies alike. FEED YOUR MOON delivers the ingredients for all the answers you’ve been looking for including real life stories and a guide to help turn your ordinary into something extraordinary. Your Moon is hungry and it’s finally time to have a book that helps you get in touch with the right recipe to FEED IT.

What's Inside

FEED YOUR MOON reveals that no matter what your sun sign or other planetary constants, everyone gets a chance to experience each zodiac sign once, twice, or even possibly three times throughout our lives. This modern astrology book is broken down into three phases for easier reading and reference.

Phase 1

Chapter 1:
Meet the Progressed Moon, a Tool for Mindful Prediction

Chapter 2:
Mindfully Decode Your Astrological DNA

Chapter 3:
Feeding Your Moon, the Origin of Emotional Satisfaction

Phase 2

Chapter 4:
Predicting Your Changing Phases and Skins Using the Progressions of the Moon

Chapter 5:
What Skin Are You In? Understanding the 12 Progressed Moon Signs

Phase 3

Chapter 6:
Astrology Houses ­­­& How to Use Them Through Progressed Moon Phases

Chapter 7:
Relationships, Attraction Factors and the Progressed Moon

Chapter 8:
Magic 29 &
The Opportunity of Transition

Plus So Much More ....

"The Moon is a marker of how we need to be fed emotionally in order to feel satisfied. Getting in touch with her is how you find emotional satisfaction, but most of us are only skimming the surface of her big reveals"

Discover the Twelve Skins of the Zodiac

One of the most important themes of the FEED YOUR MOON book is how we are constantly evolving and changing “the skin we’re in.” To bring the concept to life, Crystal B. collaborated with photographer, Celestina Ando. This unique photo collection brings to life the Twelve Skins or Signs of the Zodiac. The group collective helps us visualize the idea of our changing states.

The photographic collective is a representation of twelve people in their Progressed Moon sign or “skin they are in” at the time the photo was taken (August 2020). With extreme restrictions and travel limitations in place due to the pandemic, these twelve people willingly offered their energy to depict their astrological skin at the time of the shoot. 

Meet the Photographer Behind the Skin You're In Collection

Celestina Ando specializes in creating unique and authentic portraits that connect individuals to an empowering experience.  Her office is located in the heart of Montclair, NJ. Celestina’s work has been seen in The Huffington Post and featured in various New Jersey publications. She won Gold for Best Photographer in the Suburban Essex, Best of Essex 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards contest.  She is a Capricorn Sun and photographed the collection in her Aries Skin.

Meet the Author

Hello there! I’m Crystal B.

Crystal B. is an expert professional astrologer working with clients all over the world. She is a second generation astrologer and has been around astrology all her life. Her office is located in Montclair, NJ. As a public speaker, writer, teacher, coach and Astro Therapist she has become a trusted source of astrological information. She is passionate about using astrology as a tool for spirituality, mental health and mindfulness. Additionally, she specializes in Past Life Regression in connection with our astrological influences. Crystal develops and facilitates custom astrology events and works with prominent colleges, including Harvard, Barnard Columbia and Rutgers. 

Crystal is a Trusted Advisor


"While we may have many forces working against us at any given moment, there will ALWAYS be something – even just one thing – working for us. Sometimes we just need a different perspective in order to see it."

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